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The existence and success of Presbyterian High School are very much attributed to the vision and conviction of our founding father Rev Alan S Moore Anderson who not only sourced for funds but also for a suitable site for the school. The energies which he vested, from 1955 to 1965, into realising the call to build a God-centred institution of learning, finally bore fruit in 1965.

When the school opened her doors in 1965, Li Sun High, as it was then called, shared premises with Ming Sin Primary School at Upper Serangoon Road and home to only 150 students. Moving parallel with the nation’s independence 46 years ago, the school had braced subsequent momentous events. In being denied her plans to expand and was threatened with closure due to falling enrolment, the school not only rode out the turbulence but also grew steadily in prominence. The school, having been renamed Presbyterian High School in 1983, is now a sprawling campus standing on 3 hectares of land in Ang Mo Kio and home to over 1350 students and staff. The new school boasts of infrastructure comprising a hall that can accommodate the entire school population, well-equipped computer laboratories and IT-enabled classrooms besides the National Education Stairwell, Art Gallery, Indoor Sports Hall and Street Soccer Court.

In the past 46 years, Presbyterian High School has seen major physical transformations and has grown much in all domains. Under the leadership of seven visionary Principals and the contribution of dedicated Staff, PHS developed to a school of choice in the northern part of Singapore.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Core values

To inculcate Christian values in every individual and develop his potential as a total person worthy of God and man.

PHS honours God in mentoring
· Promise-Keepers
· Hope-Builders
· Servant-Leaders
to bless the world always.



The vision statement attempts to encapsulate the collective aspiration of a group of individuals with high intellectual potential while at the same time retaining their unique heartland spirit. The educational outcomes are very much embraced by the school’s vision and mission, which aim to develop in every individual a total person worthy of God and man.

The school is committed to providing every individual be it student or staff, with a wide spectrum of opportunities to "make Western advance as our own” while being strong in eastern values” as the emblem in our school song. The unique combination of the profile and the potential of our pupils is the basis for the identification of Character Development as the niche for the school. PHS adopts a multi-pronged approach through niche developments of our Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) and Student Leadership programmes.


PHS has 3 Vice-Principals. 83 education officers. Together with Adjunct teachers and non-teaching staff, they share the same vision towards the stretched goal of being an autonomous school.


PHS is home to a rich mix of students. In terms of ethnicity, nationality and socio-economic standing, about 11.4% of the students are non-Chinese. 87.2% of the population are Singaporeans. The students besides coming from a wide spectrum of socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds also present themselves as a myriad of talents and intellectual abilities.

The school has a total of 36 classes with an average of 8 Express, 2 Normal (Academic) classes and 1 Normal (Technical) class at each of the 4 levels (Secondary 1‑4) and 3 Secondary 5 classes.


The school has a mix of both young and experienced staff some of whom have been in the school for more than 10 years. All are passionate about teachiing. They form a good complementary team as they leverage on the strength of one another to nurture the students as Promise-Keepers, Hope-Builders and Servant-Leaders and work as TEAM PHS towards the organisation’s vision. It is indicative of the alignment of their personal mission and vision with the school. This strong alignment has led to the high quality of collective thinking and decision-making, which in turn has catapulted the school from an insignificant institution to a school of choice.

The Teaching and Learning Processes
The school has integrated her curriculum into three engines of growth - the Academic Excellence Programme, the Learning to Learn Programme and the Character Development Programme. These three engines have enabled the school to consolidate the various facets of a holistic education.

The Emphasis on Character Development
The school has chosen character development as its niche. The school is of the firm belief that a disciplined and upright character is the definitive quality of a well-educated individual through its Character First Programme grounded in FITTSHIP, a set of 8 core values.

Since 2008, the Sec 2 Consortium Nanjing Learning Journey and Sec 3 Consortium Taman Negara Learning Journey with a CIP component to cultivate a pay-forward disposition, becomes part of a pupil’s learning journey at PHS.


Academic Achievements
Academically, the school has evolved into a highly accredited institution over the last 5 years. The school has been accorded 7 Value-Added Awards for the Normal Course in the last 9 years.

Achievements in CCA
Since 2001, the school has been awarded the Sustained Achievement Award for Uniformed Group, the 12th award in 2012. In 2005, she was ascribed the Direct School Admissions (DSA) for Uniformed Group.

In 2007, the school received the first Sustained Achievement Award for Sports. The double encouragement came in being the only school in Singapore with a second DSA through Volleyball in 2007. The Sustained Achievement Award for Sports became our 6th Award in 2012. The Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) was completed in June 2010, housing a number of non-standard provisions such as the enlarged area for the indoor courts, performing arts rooms and gymnasium. The ISH has helped to enhance the school experience of our students. The school also received her 2nd Sustained Achievement Award for Aesthetics in 2012.

Achievements in Management Processes

The school was accorded the People Developer Standard since December 2001 and ISO 9001:2008 certification since May 2002 and BE Niche Standard (People) certification since 2008. In 2006, the double award of the Development Award for Character Development and National Education served as a strong stepping stone in the right direction. The school was awarded the Development Awards for both after its re-validated in 2009. She also received the Cherish Award (Silver) and the PARTNERS Award (Merit) in 2010.

The Win-Build-Send model for Leadership Development under girds our approach and deployment of staff for professional development thus preparing them to assume positions of leadership beyond Presbyterian High School. It is one of our distinctive which is to be an advocate for giving.

Presbyterian High School continues to strengthen her Christian identity, keeps abreast with current trends and practices in the educational fields and develops and empowers her pool of dedicated and committed staff to move ahead and meet the rigours and demands of the society. She will continue to forge closer links with the stakeholders of education, work single-mindedly to set the school apart to be a school of distinction that provides quality education to the generation of tomorrow and seeks to be an autonomous school in the near future. She will achieve her vision in mentoring Promise-Keepers, Hope-Builders and Servant-Leaders to bless our world always.

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