Direct School Admission  
Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise 2013
For Niche in Uniformed Groups and Volleyball

In Presbyterian High School, we strongly believe in the importance of developing every pupil to his fullest potential. Through the holistic training programmes provided by our Uniformed Groups and Volleyball, we aim to instill qualities such as resilience, tenacity and self-discipline in our pupils. It is our mission to provide all the pupils of Presbyterian High School with opportunities for a balanced broad-based education and all-round development.

For our efforts in shaping the character of our pupils through the Uniformed Groups and Volleyball, Presbyterian High School has been identified by the Ministry of Education as the only school with a Double Niche in 2007 – Niche in Uniformed Groups (awarded in 2005) and Niche in Volleyball (awarded in 2007).

Aspiring pupils who wish to be part of this PHS experience are welcome to apply via the Direct School Admission Programme.

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