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In today’s rapidly globalised world, it is very important for pupils to develop their world view through education. Presbyterian High School makes this possible by providing overseas experiences that will enhance their holistic development through the International Studies Programme (ISP). It is hoped that the programme will help to heighten global consciousness, strengthen emotional belonging and commitment to community and nation, and appreciate the cross-cultural perspective of the holistic development.

  • Nanjing Learning Journey ( Sec 2)

The learning experience in Nanjing includes visits to the local schools and learning centres such as the Lotus Research Centre, Tea Plantation, Dates Orchard, Farms, Nanjing War Memorial and the Sun Yat Sen’s Burial Site.

The Nanjing Trip is an excellent opportunity for pupils to:

    • gain knowledge, skills and values experientially;
    • integrate knowledge from different academic disciplines for meaningful and authentic learning; and
    • reflect as they learn so that they are empowered to learn independently.


  • Taman Negara Learning Journey ( Sec 3 students)

This trip serves as an opportunity for PHS students to observe and learn in a natural environment to fulfil our vision of being a school without walls. The students had the opportunity to get up close with nature. They will experience outdoor living when they sleep in tents in a cave. They will participate in a water activity called "Rapid Shooting" where the students will experience the strong currents of a fast flowing river when their wooden boats rush down it. The students will also get to experience and enjoy nature during their canopy walk through the rainforest.

Participants are expected to complete a set of worksheets that will guide them towards a better understanding of what nature has to offer and the beauty and wonders nature has to offer. The subjects covered during the trip includes Science, Geography, Social Emotional Learning and National Education. At the end of the trip, students were expected to complete a project in relation to what they observe and experience during the journey.

Those who participated in this trip came back with a wealth of experience and strengthened friendships with their classmates.

Students,teachers, PSG and the school alumni are involved in this learning journey. These people were instrumental to the success of the learning Journey.

  • School Twinning Programme with Zhuhai No.3 Middle School ( Sec 3 & 4)

Presbyterian High School has embarked on a twinning programme with Zhuhai No. 3 Middle School (珠海市第三中学) since 2009. Zhuhai is a modern city which is created at the time of the economic reforms of China in the 1980s. The programme aims to broaden students’ horizons and develop deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and history. The programme gives our students the opportunity to develop their potential and to share their learning experiences with students from China. This will also enhance their understanding of the social and economic development of China.

The selection of students for the programme is based on the student’s proficiency in the Chinese language and the teachers’ recommendations.

Students selected for the programme will play host to their Chinese counterparts when they in turn visit Singapore. The students will get to join their Chinese counterparts in their lessons and school activities, in addition to other learning experiences.

  • Vietnam Learning Journey ( Sec 4 & 5)
    Based on the teachers' recce trip in 2009, Ho Chi Minh City has proven to be destination that should not be missed by students taking subjects such as Social Studies, History, Geography as well as Economics. Places that the group will be visiting include the historical remains of the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Reunification Palace, the geographical attraction of My Tho town, the cultural experience of the Water Puppet Show as well as the economic learning journey at the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park as well as the Tourism Department of Ho Chi Minh City.

The trip includes a visit to the Nguyen Thi Minh Khai High School in which our students will experience their very own cultural exchange with the Vietnamese students in Ho Chi Minh City.


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