Executive Condominium Eligibility

Executive Condominium Eligibility

Executive Condominium (EC) were introduced to cater to the middle income home buyers when private property price were very high, especially young graduates and professionals who can afford more than a HDB flat but find private property to be out of their reach. An EC owner has to meet 5 year MOP similar to HDB requirement before they can sell to Singaporean or PR, and to Foreigner after EC is privatized 10 years. EC is the same as private property in term of facilities except buyer has to meet EC eligibility before they are allow to purchase. 

All interested buyers are advised to check if they meet the various eligibility conditions to buy an Executive Condominium. The key eligibility conditions are as followed:

Applicant must be a SINGAPOREAN

Applicant must be at least 21 years old at the time of application

Applicant must form a proper family nucleus under one of the HDB’s eligibility schemes: Public / Fiance & Fiancee/ Orphan / Joint Single

Applicant family nucleus must comprise at least Two Singapore Citizen (SC) or One Singapore Citizen (SC) and One Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)

Gross monthly household income not exceeding SGD $14,000

Applicant, spouse, any occupiers listed in the Application Form or spouses must not own or dispose or have an estate or interest in any other flat, house, building or land within 30 months from date of application and between the application date and date of taking possession of the EC unit

For the full list of eligibility conditions, please refer to Eligibility Conditions on HDB InfoWEB


– 需核心家庭成员2人联名购买,至少要有1个新加坡人,至少21岁。即新加坡人+新加坡人,或新加坡人+永久居民(永久居民未满3年也可购买)。

– 家庭月收入不高于14000新币

– 若买家已经拥有私宅,则要卖掉30个月后方可申请EC

– 若买家已有组屋,需要满足最低居住年限要求(Minimum Occupation Period), 通常为5年

For more info, pls refer to below website HDB Eligibility Condition

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